Sunday, August 27, 2017

Update on the Flower Gatherer

Well... my naughty Flower Gatherer is all correct now!  She was a handful...after she got her corrections made she didn't want her  picture taken.  I guess she was as embarrassed as I am...
Shop Owners if you already ordered charts, I have corrected ones on the way to Hoffman.  If your order was already sent out, please contact them and they will tell you how to get the corrected charts. It will only effect you if your charts were mailed out Friday.  I sure am sorry this happened and will happily make it right. 

If you have any questions, please email me!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Boo Boo Mistake on The Flower Gatherer

I'm sorry to say there is a huge mistake on The Flower Gatherer!  As hard as I try sometimes things get by....Here is the corrected area if you already purchased the chart.  New corrected charts will be sent out to my distributor as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Where Has The Summer Gone?

I can't believe it has been a whole month since my last post! Where has the summer gone? It seems like it was just spring and now August is already half way gone.  I have been busy though and have failed to add my latest designs to this blog.

Since my little Christmas in July Trio, I have added my "Read Me A Story" design.  I found this verse somewhere....wish I could remember where.  When I see or hear a sweet verse I write it in a little notebook I keep to use later.  Some get used right away some stay in the little notebook for a while until some inspiration hits me.

I chose these colors so it could go into any child's bedroom, boy or girl.  You could change the colors to fit your needs...or even turn it into a wall hanging.  Grandmas, this is a good stitch for your favorite grandchildren...of course they are all favorite grandchildren.

Coming soon...they release to the distibutors next friday... my mini sampler stocking.  It is small and will be a nice addition to your ornament collection.

I left the toe area open so you could add initials or the year.  I also added the stocking template to the design pattern.  It was a lesson in patience for me to get my design inside of my stocking template but after several tweaks I finally got it balanced and a template that resembled a stocking! It is a flat finish and I used mini pom pom trim by Lady Dot Creates.

Finally to say so long to summer...I'm working on harvest and Christmas now, "The Flower Gatherer" is my final for this season.

I just love this saying...I think it is so true and wanted to use it on something. So my pretty little flower gathering lady got it. 

 As you know I have been one of the designers for Inspired Sampler Club from the Inspired Needle.  My second design called "Thankful Hearts" will be released soon.  I believe it is scheduled for an end of August release.  It was designed with the Harvest season in mind.  If you are interested in joining the club, contact Cathy at the Inspired Needle for more information.  You can still join and I think you can get all the club projects.  I will let Cathy release a photo first but will be back with more details later....

One last thing for shop owners... Norden Crafts is running a 10% off sale on all Abby Rose Designs patterns that they have already stocked.  Supplies are limited and only apply what is in their inventory.  There are quite a few of early Abby Rose Designs patterns available.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Abby Rose Designs

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Little Bit of Christmas in July!

It's hot outside but I've been busy creating a little bit of Christmas inside where it is cool!  I have three new Christmas in July designs to show you and then hopefully I will get into the the Autumn mood...I'm a little turned around I guess!

The first two have already been released but I will give you a peek of the third which will be out soon.

All three are stitched on WDW 30 count Cocoa linen.  And Good Tidings to You and Comfort and Joy have already released and are available at your local needlework store.  O Come All Ye Faithful will be released soon.  They are easy to stitch up and measure approx 71/2 by 71/2 inches. Perfect sized little pillows to display in your dough bowls.

I had been doing a little family genealogy and was researching in the colonial period and the ideal of  stitching something in that time period kept coming to mind. I hope you enjoy stitching them as much as I enjoyed designing them.

I have a couple more designs in the works and will be back later on with some updates on those....

My second design for the Inspired Needle, aka, Inspired Needle Club will be released at the end of August.  You can email Cathy at the Inspired Needle if you are interested in joining her club.  Hint: I used Autumn colors for the next one!

I hope you are enjoying your is going by very fast!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Model Stitcher Needed

I have more designs charted that I can stitch up!  If you love to stitch, email me and we can chat!

Abby Rose Designs

Friday, June 16, 2017

Christmas Stitching In June?

Hi Everyone!
Since my last post I have my first 2017 Christmas design finished and ready to release.  I heard from many of you and you like to start stitching Christmas patterns in the summer when you have more time....I can understand that.  I usually wait until about October to release any thing Christmasy...Is that even a word?  Anyway, I have long wanted to design something colonial but just never did it.  So a couple of months ago I was searching through my "designs not finished" file.  Those are the designs that you get an idea and get started and nothing else comes to you.  So you put them away and then finally one day you are ready to complete them.

There are three in this series and I will be released as they are finished.
The first is called, And Good Tidings to You, the second is called, "Comfort and Joy and the final is "All Come All Ye Faithful".  They are the same size so you could stitch them together or single and framed or a small pillow.  I finished
this one as a pillow.  They are all stitched on Weeks Dye Works Cocoa 30 count linen.

Here is a photo of "And Good Tidings To You".  It will be released next Friday through Hoffman to a local needlework store near you.

And Good Tidings to You
Pillow size is approx. 7 inches wide by 61/2 inches long.

Tea For Two is being released today as a chart.  Thanks to everyone who loved it and wanted to stitch it but unfortunately I ran out of some of the supplies and was unable to get them again.  So now you can get the chart and put your own creative ideas to it.

I don't know what the weather is where you live but it is getting very hot here in Texas.  I live in southern Texas where it is sub-tropical.  We are located near beautiful South Padre Island, where I try to spend a little time each summer.  But until I get there... I will be inside where it is cool with a big glass of iced tea working on needlework projects!

Have a great summer!  I be back again with some new designs to keep you busy this summer.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

New Designs Coming This Summer

Hi Everyone!
It seems like time is flying by and I can't keep up with all the projects that I have going!  After my retirement last October, one of my goals was to increase the number of designs that I put out.  I thought, I did about 6-7 year when I was working full time so it should be easy to double that..... I started out with a bang and then slowly other things seem to take me away from my stitching.  How did I do all the the things I did when I was working?  Beats me! I guess I'm slower now! ;)

Anyway, I've picked my needle and thread back up and have quite a few projects coming down the lane.  I do have to tell you, I now have a model stitcher who helps me.  Her name is Donna Ennis and she is from Florida.  We have developed our system of how to get things back and forth to each other and I am so happy to have her helping me.  She is a beautiful stitcher and fast too!

So what's coming up...Well I now have a candle box from Lone Elm Lane.  If you don't know who they are by now, they make the most beautiful wooden boxes and frames for stitchers.  I chose the candle box because I liked the slide lid and compartments.  My design is almost finished and should be out soon.  I chose the color paprika, so if you like it, let them know.

See here's my box design yet.  Isn't it cute?

For those of you that were not able to get my "Tea For Two Kit" in early January, good news is I have published the chart and it will be available from Hoffman next week.  I was unable to locate more of the fabric that I used and the ribbon company went our of business!  But I am sure you will be able to find some coordinating fabric and ribbon in your stash.  Thank you for the e-mails about the chart...I heard you and it will be out soon.

I have three Colonial Christmas mini pillows in the works.  I know everyone likes to start their Christmas stitching early so they should be released in late June and early July!  It seems to me like Christmas was just here...

Also another design with a cute saying on it....and I have just finished my part 2 design for the Inspired Sampler Club.  It's not stitched...just designed!

I am also hoping to get my yearly Halloween design completed soon.  I have to tell you, I have projects on every table in my house and little studio.

Today I put away my needle and thread and painted.  A few years ago I distressed some paper mache boxes for myself and a couple of friends.  A new friend is in love with my Christmas box and asked if I would make one for her.  So today, I worked on it.
(In person these actually look camera wants things to look burnt orange today!)

Her's says Tis the Season...mine are on the top.   These are so fun to make and they really don't take a lot of time.  I put them here because you really could put a needlework design on the top of them. IF you are looking for another summer project.  You can make them any color, any size and I use stencils for the words and some of mine have designs. I'm always looking for new places to put designs.  I have a bunch of framed pieces and a ton of pillows already!  The boxes are very sturdy.  Anyway there is never a dull moment around here!  

Hopefully, my next post I will have some pictures of finishes!  Have a great summer!

Abby Rose Designs