Friday, July 20, 2012

Speak Kindly!

While on vacation, I haven't designed or stitched much.  "Speak Kindly" did make it back from the framers and will be available soon at your local needlework shop.  Here's a peek!  This is part four of the series, " Live Simply, Care Deeply, Love Generously and Speak Kindly".  I've had many kind e-mails saying that you have enjoyed sitiching this series, and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to e-mail.  What's next....well, I have 2 reproduction samplers in the works, a Christmas Design and I am working on a small booklet of various designs.

I have also promised myself that I am going to start blogging more often and get this going properly!
When you visit, if you haven't already, sign up.  When I get at least 30 followers signed up, ( and I know that there are alot of you already reading, who haven't yet signed up) I am going to post a contest and will give away a couple of sets of the series!  So hurry, sign up, so we can start the contest!  I hope everyone is enjoying a great summer!  Stay cool!


It has been a very hot summer here in South Texas but we took a little time off and headed to one of our favorite spots...South Padre Island.  Every year we try to spend as much time there as possible.  It is a tropical paradise to relax, shop and of course the seafood is great! 

As you can see Coco loves it too!  After a hot day she likes to come inside and get a quick nap.  Some how she managed to get a pillow in her dog bed!  We still haven't figure out how she did that....she is something else!