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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Poor Poor Pitiful Me!

This past week has been something else! Most of the week I was in denial that I had a cold...no matter that I was so congested I could hardly breathe or that I went through at least two boxes of tissues. I was determined that it was allergies! So on Friday, I went to the doctor...for my allergies...he informed me it was a cold and I should go home, rest and quit infecting everyone. And I hope...I didn't cause anyone else this kind of suffering. I don't know why I can't except it when I am sick. I guess I am used to enjoying good health...which I am very thankful for....and I don't want to miss anything :). Life is full of great adventures and I don't want to miss out on any! But anyway...this week, I was glad iPads and Pinterest were invented. That's about all I had the strength to do. Speaking of adventures...I am having the greatest time with my adventure....Abby Rose Designs. My series has been well received by all of you and I feel very blessed! It is great to get an email from someone who has said they love your work. And I thank you! I also got a surprise email from Ann Robbins of R&R Reproduction...my absolute favorite linen, asking me to let them know before I release a pattern, so they can prepare.( I usually use their linen.) I guess this week wasn't so bad after all! Well the fact that I am posting today means I am about to rejoin the land of the living. Congestion's better, tummy is growling so I guess I'll close and go find some Campbell's chicken noodle soup. That's what mom gave us and it always helped to make me and my two sister feel better. Keep stitching!

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