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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th!

Sweet Land of Liberty!
Summer Roses

I know... I am terrible about keeping up with this blog!  I think about adding my latest designs but time somehow gets away from me!

Happy July 4th to everyone!  Stay safe and have the best celebrations with your families.  It's hot here in Texas... that is to be expected for July...but for some reason by the time July rolls around I am ready for cooler temps!  I can dream on because it doesn't cool down until October around here!  I'll design something that looks like autumn...maybe that will help me!

What have I been up to....well my other love is history and genealogy.  I have been working on my Family Tree over the last five or six years and I don't think you ever quit finding interesting stories!  I have discovered so much about my ancestors that I never would have known otherwise.  And on this July 4th, I am proud to say that a few my ancestors fought in the American Revolution.  There is so much information out there now, it is easier than ever to learn more about your family...and so much fun!

If you enjoy stitching my designs, here is an update since January....
Mary Pilgrim Pin Pillow and with matching candle.

Heart of Hearts
Best Helper in the World!

A Summer Pin Pillow
A Spring Pin Pillow

As always, thank you to everyone for your kind words.  I have a few new designs in the works and will have them out for you to enjoy soon!

Have a great holiday!

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  1. Hi! I love your designs! Did you ever post how to sign up for your series you mention on a previous blog? Or did I miss it? Thank you so much!