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Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy Spring!

Hoping Everyone is starting to get some days of warmer weather!  Spring has Sprung as they say...here is South Texas.  Yesterday is was in the low 90's and I think we are just about done with cold fronts.  Come September/October after a long hot summer I will be longing for cool weather again.

Today, I wanted to show you my new design and tell you about some other designs that will be coming soon.

Hopefully this one will be releasing on Friday.  It is called "Spring Is Here".  Just a fun little stitch on
32 count Pearled Barley using GAST and WDW threads.

What's next?  I thought it would be fun to do a patriotic themed series.  So I have designed 4 projects that you will be able to put together in a lovely display.  I think you will love how I have chosen to display them.

I am hoping to have a April 1st release on the first project. They will be released April-June so you will have your project complete to display on July 4th.

Please check back as I will be giving sneak peeks of the entire project over the next few weeks.
And..almost forgot to tell you.  I am planning some giveaways during the releases of these projects.

And...thank you to all who ordered Pineapple Sewing Boxes.  I hope you loved them!  I thought I would never finish painting boxes.  It was a happy problem to have... my next love after stitching is painting!   There just might be another one coming down the lane...  maybe around May!  hint hint!

Hope you have a great day...keep stitching!

Abby Rose Design