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Sunday, August 5, 2018

New Design...Blessing be Upon This House

Good Afternoon Everyone! I wanted to show you my new design, Blessings Be Upon This House.  It was stitched on 28 count Platinum Linen.  It was a fun stitch and came together quickly.

I have been watching a lot of You Tube Videos lately on different crafty things.   I am always so amazed at the talent and great projects out there.  I got completely into coffee filter wreaths which are so beautiful.... you can see a little bit of mine in the photo behind the frame.  I will take a picture when I hang it.  It was so easy.  I did burn my fingers many, many times with the glue gun but I survived.

And my favorite floss tubes are:  Flannel Jammies Farm, Kitten Stitcher and Priscilla and Chelsea.  I said I wasn't going to get addicted to these things...but happily I am.

Hope you have a great week!

Abby Rose Designs


  1. That's a beautiful new design. As for watching YouTube videos, my but they do sometimes pull me in...and before I know it, four hours have gone by. They are almost as addicting as Pinterest..and just as fun to look at. Andrea

  2. I love this sampler. I just did a small with one of the motifs from Harvest Hill. I stitched the barn and the sunflowers for my dough bowl. I also have the Christmas village and I look forward to stitching it as well. I never met a little house or village that I did not like.:) You and I have similar taste in Floss Tube channels. Those are some of my favorites as well.

    1. I am so glad you like my designs. I am working on my new Harvest design and three Christmas designs in the works...there just might another house or two to Stitch!

  3. Thanks Everyone! It is a favorite of mine.

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