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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ann Merchant Reproduction

Thought I'd give you an update on Ann Merchant! Today I completed the middle of the chart. Just need to complete the flowers on the boarder. Reproducing Ann's work was very interesting. She was just eleven when she worked this sampler and I am amazed at some of the ideas she came up with...she had no chart, so I'm sure with her teacher's instruction, she stitched her sampler with her mind's eye. After some research, I discovered that Ann's sampler was a Pennsylvania German sampler typical of the area where it was discovered and the year 1838. The linen is a course uneven weave and has a yellowish hue, also typical of the time. The fabric count is 29 threads per inch. I have chosen to stitch my reproduction on a 30 count but you can still find 29 ct. linen but you might have to order it. Ann's colors were blues, white, and cream. Again, typical colors that might be easily dyed. This could be the reason for the 3 different colors of blue that I found. Ann was not framed so I was able to turn the sampler over and look at the back for help in choosing colors. I do believe that this sampler was once framed because it did arrive on some type of wooden frame with paper partially on the back. Time has caused the paper to crumble somewhat but a portion of it is still in tact. I plan to have the sampler framed as soon as I have completed the reproduction. After much though I have decided to use silk threads instead of overdyes. The threads that Ann used were probably silk and I would like to keep her sampler as authentic as possible. The verse she used: My mother, my father, I know I cannot your kindness repay. But I hope that as older I grow, I shall learn your commands to obey. I would love to stitch this one myself but will have to find a stitcher to do it for me. I have 5 projects waiting for attention. And...another sampler found it's way to my home....Mary Pilgrim, 1707, an Adam & Eve sampler, completely stitched over one. This one might take a while to reproduce!

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