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Thursday, May 31, 2012

DMC Conversions for Live Simply, Care Deeply

I had a request for the DMC Conversions for "Live Simply" and "Care Deeply" which should be available tomorrow. 

GA-Piney Woods 3021,CC-Whatley Woodlands 838, GA-Ye Old Gold, WDW-Molasses 3031, WDW- Peacoat 310, WDW- Baked Apple, 3857, WDW- Maple Syrup 3031, WDW- Whitewash white or ecru,
CC-Manor Red 902, WDW- Bullfrog 501 or 502, WDW-Onyx black, GA-Dried Thyme,GA-Claret 3685, GA-Flax 739

Please remember these will be a little different from the overdyed threads but were chosen as close as possible to the colors used in the charts.

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