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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Saturday!

It has been so hot here in Texas...I have spent the last few days indoors puttering around.  Usually we have a little wind since we are very close to the Gulf of Mexico...we get a breeze from the ocean.  Not the case, these last few days.  I can't remember when it has been so humid and still.  Yesterday we had a little thundershower around 7 p.m. and we lost electricity for about an hour and a half.  It was so hot...I wondered what on earth I did before air conditioning.  When I grew up not everyone had it...don't remembering it being so hot!  I guess with age we are a little less willing to put up with the heat.  I was sooooo glad when the electricity came back on!  hope it doesn't happen again today...it's looking a little cloudy again!  I can't wait until winter....we usually stay around 50 to 70 degrees during the winter. 

I have another picture for you.  I finished up my paper mache boxes yesterday.  Got them all waxed today.  I got a little better at making them with experience.  Green is my favorite color so I had to make a green one!

Working on my last L'il Abby.  This series was so much fun.  I hope you enjoyed it too!  The final should be released at the end of August.

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!  Happy Stitching!  Gayle


  1. Oh yes I totally understand about the heat... here in Southern England we are currently experiencing a heat wave... I feel I am melting and just want to stand in a cool shower all day! And we are experiencing thunder/electrical storms too.... I had hoped they would clear the air so it would be cooler the next day... but no luck so far.
    Oh yes I agree this green box is my favorite too... yes well green is my favorite color! All the boxes you made look great and I dare say you had fun doing them too :)
    Its all about making things fun and enjoying ourselves... job well done.
    Smiles :)

  2. I live in Glendale AZ and our summers are always HOT but not always humid. Our temps this week will be around 112, so yes I am wishing for winter as well!
    I really like your boxes and I think the green is my favorite as well, the color and the design. They are great!