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Friday, May 26, 2017

A couple of things to show you this week... I gave you a peek last week of my new design for the Inspired Sampler Club but since Cathy has sent it out to the club members, I wanted to show you the entire piece.  If you would like to stitch it, you can contact Cathy at the Inspired Needle to get more information.  She has turned it into a kit with all the thread and the fabric you will need to complete it.
Since this is my first club, I am especially proud of Glad Hearts.  Jan Alexander, who did the first piece has called her's Everlasting Love.  What a great name!  It will be her turn again in a couple of months and then I will follow with "Thankful Hearts" just in time for fall stitching!

Glad Hearts

This is my next piece which will probably be out next week through Hoffman!  I know I have completely skipped over summer stitching!  I designed Spring and Summer Pin Pillows in 2016 and promised a few of you that I would eventually get to the Autumn and Winter.  Winter is designed but still needs to be stitched.  I think you will like it though...it features some rich Christmas colors.  I am also thinking of my yearly Halloween design, with my beloved witch who has no name, but needs one.... Any ideas?  And then I  have 3 Christmas Ornaments in the works!  I now have a great model stitcher, Donna Ennis, from Florida who is now helping me get all of these things stitched! What a relief!  She stitched Glad Hearts for me...in record time!

Autumn Pin Pillow

Stay safe this Memorial Day Weekend!

Abby Rose Designs

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